Long Arms 4 link Heavy Duty Ram 4x4

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Dodge Off Road's Long Arm Kits are the best designed, best built, highest quality long arms available for your 2nd gen Ram truck!  We make a true dual long arm kit that offers unmatched design and quality out of any long arm kit ever made for Ram trucks, with over 16 years of success to back it up.  We took the old Dick Cepek Long Arms and made them much better, through the use of stronger materials, better geometry, better bushings and joints, and the ability to run long arms on trucks with as little as 3" of lift.

What is a true dual long arm?  Many long arm kits are simply a long lower arm with a short upper arm.  This is not a long arm kit - it's poor suspension geometry.  This is done to cut costs and also prevent clearance issues.  You see this with most "cookie cutter" brands like Skyjacker, BDS, Rough Country, Pro Comp, etc.  These are meant to be inexpensive kits that look cool and provide a slight increase in ride quality, not a functional set of long arms that improve your suspension handling and reliability. 

When the arms are not the same length and do not share the same pivot points, they will not travel in unison.  One arm has a specific suspension arc, and the other arm has a different arc.  This creates binding and limits your suspension travel, and also provides a poor ride, while wearing out the bushings or joints much faster.  The perfect setup is when both arms travel together in the same arc, in perfect suspension harmony.  I am describing the Dodge Off Road Long Arm Kit.

Check out what makes our kit unique: 

More travel than any other long arm kit ever produced for a Ram truck - provides up to 22" travel alone (other factors will limit travel)

Keeps axle centered in wheel well more than any other control arm/long arm/radius arm setup

Totally bolt on, no welding required (just drill a few holes)

Works with lifts from 4.5" (2500) and up, or 6" (1500) and up.  Can be modified to work on 2500 series trucks with as little as 3" lift.

Strongest long arm kit ever made. 3/8" brackets, all Grade 8 hardware, 2" OD .250" wall 1026 DOM tubing

Joints and bushings are rebuildable - three years with zero rebuilds, zero failures

Our joints offer the most misalignment of any joint on the market

The only long arm kit that can be adjusted while mounted to the truck (double adjustable only)

Made and shipped in just a few weeks, not months

Best part - less than half the price of comparable high quality systems!

Still less expensive than cheaper options, yet you get a much better product and service

Best design on the market - much better than short/long setups and radius arms


All arms are made from 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing for the ultimate in strength.  These are more than twice as strong as the old Cepek arms!  You don't have to worry about your lower arms getting beat up on rocks or out on the trails because each arm can support the entire weight of your truck easily, with only .013" of deflection in the middle.   The arms are just over 4 feet in length, so you can expect tons of articulation and a great highway ride out of these, as well as a lifetime of abuse-proof quality.

Ricky Pellegrino's truck in Florida

The frame brackets are made from 3/8" steel, which is completely overkill, but you won't have to worry about them getting beat up!  They are bolted to the frame using Grade 8 hardware, or you can easily weld the brackets to the frame for even more strength.  The brackets are made this way so they can slide over any obstacle without damaging the bushing or joint inside, and without the bracket getting bent.  Many companies use 1/4" steel or thinner but we have found that this material is not thick enough when your brackets are sandwiched between the truck and a rock.   All of our products are built to withstand the worst off roading abuse possible, so even if your truck never gets off of pavement, you can trust that DOR's products are ready to handle anything you throw at them.

Latest revision of the DOR Long Arm Brackets

The adjustable arms not only allow you to fine-tune your alignment and axle placement, but the joints also allow the axle to twist more than if you just had bushings at each end.  This is without a doubt the best long arm setup you can get for a 2nd gen Ram, and while it is designed around trucks with a 7" suspension lift, they can be made to fit trucks with 3" of lift or more in some applications.

Project Rambo at Rebel Off Road, owned by Taylor Anderson

The Dodge Off Road Long Arm Kit is available for all 94-02 2nd gen 4x4 trucks.  The kit is designed for trucks that have at least 7" of suspension lift.  If you have less than 7" of lift, you will need to do some extra clearancing or the upper arm will contact the body mount at ride height.  These arms will work as-is for suspension lifts up to 10", however the arms can be ordered in any length if you would like to move your front axle forward some.  All long arm kits are made at the time of your order, so we can make them in different lengths if required, for lifts from 3" to 20".  If you get the single adjustable arms, there is about 1" of adjustability built in to the arms.  The double adjustable arms give you 2" of adjustment and can be adjusted while mounted to the truck.All hardware is included and installation is relatively simple.  You will need to cut off your lower control arm mount and possibly notch a body mount on each side to make room for the upper arm.  The brackets come in gloss black powdercoat and the arms are hand-sanded and then sprayed with a durable gloss black finish.  We will also ship them in bare steel if you want to paint or coat them yourself. 

This is the most hardcore long arm kit you can buy anywhere, hands down, and the design has been proven for over 15 years now.  When you want the absolute best, you want a Dodge Off Road Long Arm Kit!

Please visit our new online store at http://store.dodgeoffroad.com    If you are seeing this page, it is due to an outdated link.   We hope you like the new site!