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Dodge Off Road Long Arm Brackets - Buy our bolt-on long arm brackets and make your own long arms to save on shipping!  These are made from 3/8" steel (everything except the upper arm mount, which is 1/4") and are made for 2.63" wide joints or bushings using 9/16" bolts.  3.0" joint width available.  For different bolt sizes, please leave a note in the comments section.

Often in stock, they may take up to two weeks to ship if not in stock.


Bolt On or Weld On
Bushing/Joint Width

Dodge Off Road U Bolt Flip Kit - Uses 5/8" Grade 8 North American steel U bolts and all Grade 8 hardware, made to order based on length needed.  Then we custom-make a U bolt flip plate out of 3/8" steel just for your truck's axle diameter and block height.

$125 for stock length, longer bolts will require additional payment.  Flip kits take one week to make and ship.

Rear Axle Model

Prodigy Joints - These are used on the DOR adjustable long arms and short arms.  1"-14 thread, all right hand thread.  Please select width and bolt size.  All joints are $49.99.  Select quantities in cart.

Replacement poly races available for $3 each.

Joints take 1 to 2 weeks to ship in most cases.

Joint Size

Progressive Rate coil springs for any 94 to current model Ram!  These coils use progressive-rate technology to provide a superior ride and also better off-road handling.  It's like dual rate coilovers but without all of the headaches of figuring out which coils to use.  We've done that for you!  2nd gens get one extra inch of lift over advertised height.   Lift heights are approximate and will vary based on your truck's weight, so please email us if you have any questions about exactly how tall the truck will be.  We have about 25 different spring combinations we can use to get your lift height dialed in, all the way from 1.5" of lift up to 9" of lift (those heights not available for all trucks, but we are adding new coils all the time).

Most springs ship within 24 hours; some take one to two weeks depending on invetory levels.


Our frame horns are the only ones made for 2nd gens, and they are incredibly strong.  They are cut from all 1/4" and fully boxed in, giving you room to place a 2" OD tube in the horn and design your own tube bumper however you would like.  The flat front also makes a great spot for a skid plate mount.  These come fully welded in bare steel, or as a weld-it-yourself kit, and both kits come with 1/2" Grade 8 Hardware for mounting directly to your frame rail.  Some trucks will need the holes drilled out slightly to fit the 1/2" bolts.  The 6" or 8" measurement is how far the center of the tube will be from the front of the grill.  We have a 4" version available but it will not clear the intercooler on diesel trucks.  The 8" is the most popular size.   These will ship within a week.

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Dodge Off Road Differential Covers are some of the strongest covers ever made!  They are cut from 3/8" steel and will give you all of the protection your differential could ever need.  Not only that, but our covers are better than others because you get two plugs - one for draining and one for filling.  And better yet, they are both magnetic to help catch any stray metal pieces floating around in your gear oil before any more damage is done!  Nobody else offers this kind of protection and user-friendly design.  Our front covers can have tabs welded on for hydro assist mounting.  New mounting hardware is included with all covers.  The larger covers have more gear oil capacity than stock, so make sure you get an extra quart than you would normally buy.  They all come powder coated in gloss black unless you prefer another color or just want bare steel.    These take one week to ship.
Pick a Cover

Dodge Off Road steering stabilizer shocks are made from aluminum fluted bodies and 3/4" Nitrotec steel, so they are rust proof!  These shocks are pressurized to help combat left or right pull from aggressive tires, and to help the truck drive straight down the highway on it's own.  The bodies are fluted for a larger cooling surface area, and the body is annodized for excellent durability.  These shocks are second to none in quality.  We also include a six-bolt steel clamp that will make this a bolt-on installation and very easy to fine-tune the placement. 

We offer the clamp by itself for $60 and they are made for 1.25", 1.5", 1.625", 1.75", or 2" OD tubing.   Email us if you need one of these by itself. 

These take two weeks to ship.  Clamps are generally in stock; the shocks are made to order.


Tie Rod Size

Cam bolts are used on all Dodge trucks with a solid front axle, from 1994 to current models.  These are basically a bolt that has an offset washer and this is how you set the caster alignment on the front axle.  By rotating the bolt, the washer pushes the bolt horizontally along an elliptical hole in the axle bracket.  The problem with the factory cam bolts is that they are very well known for seizing in the control arm bushing, causing you to have to cut them to get them out.  The second problem is that replacements are very expensive, usually only available from a dealer or a few online sites.  We have come up with our own cam bolts, and they are much less expensive.  We also make them in multiple sizes for use with control arms of all sizes, which is important with aftermarket arms.  If you order arms from us and want to add the cam bolts, we'll give you a discount on them.    Cam bolts are usually in stock, but if they aren't, they just take a few days to make and ship out.

Select Size

The Yukon Free Spin Locking Hub Conversion kit is a great product that puts manual locking hubs on your front axle.  The Ram axles all use a unitized hub bearing that is weak and expensive to replace.  With this kit, your hubs will be a traditional spindle and hub design with inexpensive replaceable bearings that can be purchased at any auto parts store.  Not only do you get more strength and reliability, but you can also reduce the wear and tear on the front axle while in 2 wheel drive, and increase your fuel mileage by 1 or 2 MPG.  This works especially well with 2002 and up models that do not have a CAD axle.  Kit includes everything seen in the picture - wheel hubs, spindles, high strength Yukon 4340 chromoly outer axles, Warn premium locking hubs, Timken bearings, high quality seals, and all hardware including the bearings. 

For all 1994 to 2008 Ram 2500 and 3500 4x4 models, or trucks with the Dodge Dana 60 or AAM 925 front axle swapped in.  Email us if you would also like to buy Yukon gears or lockers.  All Yukon products ship within 24 hours in most cases.

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Heavy duty sway bar end links for all 1998 to 2012 trucks.  These use 1" OD solid billet aluminum bodies and FK 5/8" heim joints on each end for years of worry free use.  If the heims ever wear out, they can be replaced without having to buy all new end links.  These last much longer than the factory sway bar end links that use bushings on each end.  Bushings are not made to deflect constantly and that is why they wear out so quickly.  Heim joints will allow some movement and that helps them last much longer. 

We have these for regular 4x4 models as well as the Power Wagon trucks.  1994 to 1997 models use a different sway bar tower on the axle and we don't have end links for those at this time, but they may be added at a later date.

Installation requires drilling sway bar mount from a tapered hole to a 1/2" bore on the axle.

You get one pair of end links, with mounting hardware.
These ship in one to two weeks.


Lift Height

2nd gen owners are always looking for heavy duty ball joints that will last a lifetime, but don't cost an arm and a leg.  We finally have a solution for you.  These Synergy ball joints are fully greaseable, sintered metal on bushing style ball joints that have an extremely high wear resistance.  Stock ball joints are a weaker design that uses a plastic bushing in between the ball and cup, so they wear out quickly and tend to have some play in them even when brand new.  These Synergy ball joints are similar to what high end ball joint companies make, however they are less than half the cost!   These include a 12 month warranty.  Available in one-side or two-side kits (you always want to do both upper and lower ball joints on each side together). 

These are available for all 1994 to 2002 Ram 2500/3500 trucks with the Dana 60 front axle, and 1994 to 1999 Ram 1500 trucks with the Dana 44 front axle.  Sorry, but 2000 and 2001 Ram 1500 trucks use a different size and are not available.  Upgrade to a Dana 60 front axle and then you can buy these ball joints! 

These ship within 24 hours in most cases.

Please Select

We offer PSC's 3rd and 4th gen Ram hydro assist conversion kits, but we take it to the next level.  Get a Borgeson steering box from us if you have a 3rd gen truck and we'll tap it for hydro, and include everything seen in the picture, plus our bolt-on steering clamp for a very easy installation. If you have a 4th gen truck, we can also set you up with a 3rd gen Borgeson box, however you will need their steering shaft too.  Or we can tap your larger Mopar upgrade box.  While these boxes are bigger, they are not as reliable as the Borgeson box, and they do not offer a faster ratio.  Either way you go, we can get your truck setup with hydro assist so you'll have the power you need to turn larger tires and you'll never have to worry about death wobble again, unless your hubs or ball joints go out.   We can also pair this kit up with steering coolers, remote cans, and other accessories.   These take one to two weeks to ship depending on the setup.

Please Select
Dodge Off Road is the first and only place offering you the ultimate 2nd gen Ram hydro assist kit. We take the biggest and baddest 2nd gen steering box ever made, the Borgeson box, and tap it for hydro assist.  Our kit includes the PSC cylinder, matched to your steering speed and stroke, plus the hoses and fittings you need to hook this up.  We also include a bolt-on clamp that allows you to fine tune the ram placement without making permanent modifications to your steering, an industry first for hydro assist applications.  And if you decide you want to mount the cylinder in the stock stabilizer location, you can actually have hydro assist without the need to weld anything at all.  We generally recommend mounting the cylinder above the tie rod for ground clearance, but some trucks with 3" of lift or less will need to check clearance around the cylinder at full compression to make sure this will work.  Give your truck the power it needs to turn larger tires even when they are up against a rock, and make sure death wobble has no place in your steering ever again!  We can pair this kit up with steering coolers, remote cans, and more.  These take one to two weeks to ship depending on the setup.


Want just a little more lift but don't want to change spring rates?  Our 1" and 2" coil spacers will not affect your spring rates negatively, and allow you that little bit extra room you need at a reasonable price.  These are made from high density polyurethane for a lifetime of maintenance-free use.  We do not recommend using metal coil spacers because the metal-on-metal contact of the springs to the spacers will wear both parts down over time.  Polyurethane is great because it provides the height you want, and acts as a "bushing" at the same time, isolating your coil spring from other metal parts and giving you a quieter suspension.   And unlike putting new springs in, you know you will get exactly 1" or 2" of lift from these (depending on which one you buy), instead of buying a 3" spring and actually getting a 2.5" lift, etc.

These fit all 1994 to 2012 Ram 4x4 trucks with a solid front axle.  Does not work on 02 and up IFS 1500 series trucks.   Ships within 24 hours in almost all cases.

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Dual rate coilovers shipped 4,000 miles away to
Hawaii with perfect results right out of the box.
One of the most unique things we do at Dodge Off Road is build custom coilovers for people all over the world.  We take the Prodigy 2.63" remote resi coilovers and spec the valving specifically for your truck, and then we pick dual rate springs that will give you exactly what you want out of your truck.  There are other companies that offer coilovers, but they are all a "one size fits all" setup and we have found that there is still much room for improvement.  Part of the reason you don't see this offered by anybody else is because it is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of testing to get the spring and shock rates dialed in for our trucks.  We are able to gather minimal information from you, and put these kits together so that when they arrive, all you do is bolt them in.  We include bolt-in brackets (they do require a few holes to be drilled) for both the axle and the frame, so your coilover conversion is totally reversible if you ever sell the truck.  Spring rates can range from 150 lbs/in up to 800 lbs/in and anywhere in between.  Unless you have experience building coilovers and playing with spring rates, it's best to just tell us what you plan to do with your truck and then we will build the shocks for that purpose.

To read more about the Prodigy shocks we use, click here.  We will also have them available in 3.0" coilovers in the near future.  These are extremely high end shocks and are custom built from scratch specifically for you when your order is placed.  Please allow 4 weeks build time.

Kits include two coilover shocks, dual rate springs, upper and lower brackets, and mounting hardware for the brackets, as well as hardware to mount the remote reservoirs to the brackets.  You can delete the brackets if you want to use custom mounts.  The price is the same for non-Ram applications.

Please Select
Looking for diesel and gas performance parts?  Check out our friends at Monster Performance Exhaust.  They carry everything from exhaust products, DPF and cat delete systems, tuners, electronics, cold air intakes, and much more.  They offer same day shipping and are always available to help answer any questions you might have.  They are located near us in Mountain Home, Arkansas.   Their website has all of their products listed and is very easy to use.


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Non Truck Related

Rolling Gun Targets

These are a great way to stay proficient with all calibers of guns.  You shoot the top circle and the target rolls over, standing on three new legs, and presents you with a new circle to shoot.  As you shoot it, the target keeps rolling back.  This is a huge improvement over paper targets and empty coke cans, because you never have to set the target up or clean it up.  These are fully welded and painted.  We offer discounts for shipping multiple quantities so please email us if you want to buy more than one.  We also have bulk order discounts for purchases of more than 25 targets.

Click here to see more of our targets.
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To Be Added Soon, but Available Now via Email:

Skyjacker Softride Leaf Packs - 4" or 6", sold in pairs.  1/2 tons are 2.5" wide, 3/4 and 1 tons are 3" wide.

Drop Pitman Arms from Eagle Forgery

Front shock towers for eyelet style shocks with or without remote reservoirs

3rd and 4th gen adjustable track bars

3rd and 4th gen front and rear coilover conversion kits

3rd and 4th gen crossover steering kits that use tie rod ends, not heims