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There are many control arms available for our trucks, and they all claim to be the best.  Here are a few reasons why the Dodge Off Road Short Arms are the highest quality and best value among all other brands.

  • Our short arms are made from 2" OD, .250" wall 1026 DOM tubing.  This is all cold-rolled seamless, and is extremely durable.  We do not use smaller tube for the upper arms like many brands do.   The tube is notched to provide a precise fit with the bushing, instead of filling in the gap through welding.  These are precision built arms, and we do not cut corners. 

  • Our bushings are truly massive, and not only that, but they too are made from 1026 DOM tubing.  The outer bushing and the inner sleeve are both seamless cold-rolled DOM tubing.  The poly bushings are incredibly large compared to what all other competitors use (see the image below these bullet points).  The larger bushing means that these will last much longer, but the size isn't the only thing that makes them better.  They are simply made from better materials than what other companies use.  Just because they are bushings, does not mean they should be cheap.

  • Our arms are built to order, which means we are able to make them in custom lengths specifically for your application.  The default setting is 1/2" forward of the stock location, and we maintain this setting regardless of lift height (up to 6").  If you want to go further forward than that, we can do it.  We also offer custom power coat colors, typically at no extra charge.  We carry several colors and since we do our powder coating in-house, it's easy to spray them with a color other than our standard gloss black. 

  • We offer high-clearance arms that are bent for tire clearance for those who are running larger tires on stock wheels, or other wheels with more than 5" of backspacing.  You still get the strongest arms available with both uppers and lowers being 2" OD .250" wall.  Just the fact that we can bend this material sets us apart from most companies.

  • Our prices are very low.  There are less expensive arms out there, but they are made using cheaper materials and they do not offer any options.  Typically people will buy these arms because the price is good, and then end up replacing them a year or two later because the bushings are worn out.  Replacing the bushings on those cheap arms will cost anywhere from $80 to $140, and then you just have to replace them again later.  Our arms are not much more money, however they last a whole lot longer.  In fact, we have yet to have one set of replacement bushings ordered yet!  Since the bushings are greasable, they should last a very long time.

If you own a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen Dodge Ram and you want upgraded control arms, these are absolutely the best thing going.  You will not find a better value, when you consider the quality at this price.  Our arms are as high quality as very high-end brands, but at nearly half the cost.   Plus we back these up with our unbeatable customer service!

Common bushings (Skyjacker, Rough Country, etc) on the left, Dodge Off Road on the right

Let us build you a set of custom control arms from 2" OD .250" wall DOM and use our industry-best Synergy Suspension bushings and solid metal sleeves, which dwarf the competition.  The picture above is our bushing and sleeve (on the right) compared to a Top Gun Customz/Skyjacker/Hyperflex bushing and sleeve (on the left).  Not only are our parts bigger, but they are higher quality.  The sleeve in the bushing on the left is rolled from a flat piece of thin steel, where ours is machined from a solid piece of round DOM tubing... and twice as big.  The bushings that we use are a much more durable material and the whole assembly is greaseable.  We powder coat these arms in your choice of color, and we even include new Grade 8 hardware (bolts, nuts, and washers) except for the cam bolts at the axle.  We do make those in different sizes for a very reasonable charge.

  • 94-99 Models: You will have to drill out your upper arm bolt holes on the frame and axle to 9/16".  You may want to purchase our 9/16" cam bolts because your factory cam bolt will not fit the sleeve.  Or you can run the straight bolt and washer and eliminate the cam bolt.

  • 00-09 Models: Your factory cam bolts will fit these arms with no modifications.  You do not need to drill out the upper arm mounts.  These are totally bolt-in.

  • 10-Current Models: Your factory cam bolts will fit these arms with no modifications.  We also offer a cam bolt upgrade to a 3/4" bolt.  You do not need to drill out the upper mounts.  These are totally bolt-in.

These arms are available for all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen Ram trucks with a solid front axle.  Short arms are not recommended for trucks with more than 5" of suspension lift due to the extreme angle the arms will have at ride height.  If you have more than 5" of suspension lift, you really need our Dodge Off Road Long Arm Kit for 2nd gens, or the Pure Performance Long Arm Kit for 3rd and 4th gens. 

We now offer our short arms with suspension joints, and bends.  Our suspension joints are a cartridge-style joint that is designed to military standards, with over five years of use with zero failures or rebuilds to date.  The outer housing is made from the same 1026 DOM as our bushings, and the inner ball is nickel-plated for excellent corrosion and wear resistance, and the Nylatron GS race is absolutely the best material available.  These joints are capable of 35 degrees of misalignment, which makes them an excellent choice for guys who are wheeling their trucks regularly and want more articulation.  These joints are greasable just like the bushings and are rebuildable should you be the first person to ever wear one out.  Like our bushing arms, you can buy our joint arms for much less than the competition, in custom lengths, custom powder coat colors, and with or without bends.  No other company gives you this many options, and our prices cannot be beaten!

The joints will fit all 2nd and 3rd gen trucks.  4th gens, you will need to drop the cam bolt down to a 5/8" or 16mm for these to work.

As mentioned previously, we also offer all of these arms with high clearance bends to allow more room for the tires so they don't rub.

2nd gen arms are bent upper and lower using 2" OD tubing;
3rd and 4th gen arms utilize a 1.5" OD tubing on the upper arms and are offset, not bent

These arms will come in gloss black powdercoat unless you ask for bare steel.

$399 for the straight arms with bushings
$499 for bent arms with bushings
$599 for straight arms with flex joints
$699 for bent arms with flex joints

Please visit our new online store at    If you are seeing this page, it is due to an outdated link.   We hope you like the new site!