2nd gen steering brace, part number 1001

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2nd gen steering brace, part number 1001

Postby djgaston » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:54 pm

Link to the product: http://store.dodgeoffroad.com/Dodge-Off ... 2_p_8.html


Install guide: manuals/DORSteeringBrace2G.pdf

Install video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiD1kzVrW20

This is one of our most popular products. The 2nd gen brace fits all 1994-2001 Ram 1500 4x4 trucks, and 1994-2002 Ram 2500/3500 4x4 trucks. Basic info is on the product page, including why we make a one-sided brace and not the typical frame-to-frame brace. On this page, I'm going to go over some questions that are common in regards to this product.

The brace fits all 2nd gen trucks listed above, with any steering box that bolts up on these trucks. The bolt holes for the bearing are slotted so that there is adjustment in the plate, without creating slop. This works on stock boxes, Borgeson boxes, Redhead boxes, and any other variation that is currently available. I do not know if this will work with the new PSC box yet, since it has not come out at this time, but I will update the thread when I have a chance to check it out. The new PSC box is much larger and I think it will require it's own brace, based on what I know about it at this point.

The brace works with some sway bar mounted parts, and not with others. There is not a complete list of what works and doesn't work, as we don't have the time or resources to test every product in the world with our brace. The best thing I can tell you is that if you have a bracket that bolts to the sway bar frame mount, our brace must mount directly to the frame. You may be able to mount your aftermarket brackets below our brace, but our brace will not line up unless it's the first thing on. Your factory sway bar will mount below and clear the bearing plate, and sway bar drop brackets do work (although we don't recommend them ever - get extended end links if you can, ours are the best). The thing you have to watch on those sway bar frame mounts is that the bolts are just M10, so you don't want a bunch of stuff bolted up there. The brace and sway bar are okay, but if you have some plow brackets or winch mounts on there, it's really not enough meat to handle that leverage. M10 bolts are tiny. And when they shear off in the frame, they are a nightmare to get out - I have one stuck in my V10 that has been there since 2009 I think. It's never coming out. One other thing worth mentioning are the Off Road tow hooks. Not many trucks have them but they do mount to the front crossmember holes, where our brace mounts. We have had customers make both of these parts work together by mounting the brace first and then modifying the driver side tow hook so it bolts under the brace, and you just need longer 7/16" bolts. We stock the longer bolts so just let us know if you have the factory tow hooks when you order and we can send them instead of the standard bolts. You will need to grind or cut part of the tow hook bracket but it doesn't weaken it, you are just removing a small section of sheet metal that contacts our brace.

If you have some kind of sway bar mounted accessory that requires the passenger side to be dropped down as well, we do sell a spacer plate with hardware that will drop the passenger side sway bar mount down 1/4" to match the driver side. Here is a link to that product: http://store.dodgeoffroad.com/Dodge-Off ... p_239.html

The brace is cut on our CNC table from hot rolled 1/4" steel, then the pieces are broke on our 40 ton press and assembled on a jig. We do them in large batches, typically 14-21 at a time (we get 7 braces per half sheet of steel). They are washed with a chemical prior to powder coating, then we coat them with a satin black finish. All 2nd gen braces come with the same hardware pack, so there is no difference between boxes or anything like that. It's the same brace and same hardware for every 2nd gen truck.

Common install issues are basically only from interference with other parts that mount to the same holes, or from the brace being a tight fit. We do make these where there is almost no wiggle room on the mounting bolts. The only adjustment is with the bearing plate itself. The best way to install the brace is covered in the video above, as well as the instructions. You just need to get all of the bolts installed loosely and then square the brace up before tightening them. This is standard practice when building or installing anything, but sometimes people haven't been taught that. What we do is get the side bolt for the steering box in, then line up the sway bar bolt holes and get those started, then do the front crossmember bolts. You may need to twist the brace or wiggle it to get everything to line up, but they do line up every time unless there is a manufacturing defect (very rare, maybe one or two per year) or your frame is twisted, or has a lot of surface rust that has thrown the brace off. Some frame prep may be required to fix that before installation if it's an issue.

Warranty on the brace is pretty simple. If it doesn't fit, we'll swap it out. If it doesn't work with other products you might have, you can return it (there is a restocking fee). If you break something during install, either from forcing a part to fit, overtightening a bolt, modifying the brace, or otherwise going outside of what is explained in the instructions, that's on you. If you break the brace during the normal course of use after it was properly installed, we'll fix that for the life of the product. The bearing itself is a wear item and may need to be replaced, although we've only had two or three people ever need to replace them so far. The bearing is greaseable and it has quite a bit of room to swivel in it's mount, so they should last a really long time as long as you don't let water or other contaminants build up inside the bearing.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'll add more info as it comes up.
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